Saturday, 30 August 2014

Being away from home - fun or no ?

       It's the Ganesha festival, everywhere people are celebrating. Their joy knows no bounds, for excitement for them, is at it's peak. Happiness has filled the air. Amidst all this, I had a talk with my cousin. He has recently shifted to a beautiful place - Karjat, for his further studies. And away from the people he had been with for the last nineteen years of his life, he felt alone there. He needed someone to talk, to laugh, to be with. And between all the unknown faces, he couldn't find anyone for him. The festival of Ganesha had arrived and taken all his mates to their respective homes, and he was there- alone!
      And yeah, this made me cogitate about this topic. Is being away from our people this disconsolate?
      Being a teenager, I've always had the urge of breaking rules, of doing the things that are prohibited to do. But, this talk to my cousin changed my mindset about everything. I had always wanted to stay away from such kind of directives. I would have loved to live a free life, with no one interfering in it. But they say, "Experience is the best teacher." Yes, absolutely true. The one who has had the fate of living all alone, knows the value of having our 'own' people around us.
   I used to think, a liberal life would solve all of my problems. (Not only me, but every teenager feels so!) But guys, think once, who would insist you to have your food and keep that goddamned cell phone away, other than your mom? With whom would you discuss the political issues of our country other than your dad? Whom will you fight with for no reason, other than your brother? And whom will you tease, other than your sister? Yes, friends are there, but family members have their own perfect role to play in our life, isn't it? And who in this world is born with the power to replace your blood relations? 
   I feel fortunate to be with my people, and all of a sudden, I've developed a sense of respect towards them, for I know that they are the real ones!
   Also, I pray for the ones who are away from their families. Folks, adulate and cherish your time with your family, as life becomes more meaningful when you realize that you won't get the same moment twice!
  Happy Ganesha Festival :)