Thursday, 18 September 2014

You Okay?

                Around the globe, people are negotiating their problems, working really hard to find a solution for the same. Dealing with studies, office, boss, family issues, heartbreaks and blah! 
                Guys, the problems you think are so big today, are the reasons why you are going to laugh in your future! So why not take the privilege to do the same today itself? Changing the perspective of looking at your problems may make you realize that the problem doesn't even exist at the first place. 
                To all the girls out there, when was the last time you laughed out loud, like LOL-ed for real? And by laughing, I mean laughing till your stomach hurts. Forgetting all the worry, every trouble. Cheerful smiles behind the curtain are okay, but once in a while laughing till your heart's content, till you have your eyes watery is desideratum. And if you realize that you haven't done it since eternity, may I ask you, 'You Okay?'
                To all the boys - Yes, I know she means a lot to you. I know you want to impress her everyday. Or, if she doesn't exist for you, gaming and roaming isn't the only option left in this big world! When was the last time you sat with your family and discussed something with your dad? When was the last time when you hugged your mom and saw 'that' happiness in her eyes? If you haven't done this in ages, it's time to ask you, 'You Okay?'
                To all the teens finding it difficult to cope up with your studies, this is the only thing you are bound to do, willingly or unwillingly. This will make your future bright and whatnot! Wake up guys! If you understand this philosophical bullshit and still you stay mum, it is prerequisite to ask you, 'You Okay?'
                And to everyone else out there, who presumes that the complications in their life are bigger than their dreams and happiness and smiles, I am bound to ask you all today, 'You Okay?'

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