Saturday, 18 October 2014

That someone.

Seconds turn into minutes, minutes turn into hours and hours into days. The process is so quotidian, nothing changes a bit. But somewhere down the line, there's someone who's been witnessing all of this tacitly. There's a pin drop silence in her life and even the slightest of ordinance has a great impact. Life, for her is just going on and her longing just intensifies and multiplies. There's not even a single word said about the state of her heart, she's just mum. She smiles and looks cheerful and bubbly all the day, but at night, she breaks down. She cries. She doesn't know where life is taking her, just a dark place, just alone. Scratching the depths of the unsaid words, all she can do is pity herself. The hurricane inside her is something no one is aware about. She just hopes, someone'll cross her path someday, to be with her for the rest of the way. She can just hope. Her eyes swell. Her heart pains. Every breath hurts, and she sits silently, staring at the blank wall. It's futile living this way, she thinks. And the next moment, a drop of tear escapes her eye. She has to stay strong. The sun is about to rise. Birds are chirping. Gathering up all the scattered and shattered and broken dreams of her's, she puts on the mask again- the mask of that smile everyone knows she has, the mask which she never lets fall off. She gets ready and survives the entire day. No one knows what she feels and she smiles over that too. The day is too long for her. She is a master in hiding her emotions. She lives and smiles and laughs and enjoys. And the next night, it's again the same story told!

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