Friday, 14 November 2014

This one!

                 It had been a month since we were best of friends, sharing every bit of every emotion with each other. There was no other safest place on the other, than each other's company. Hours and days, days and weeks passed by, dragging us closer and closer to each other. Life was at it's best until that day..

                 Until that day, when my heart confessed the feelings I had for him. The mere thought of 'love' devastated me. I couldn't ruin our friendship. Plus, I knew he liked a girl, whose name still was hidden from me. But I knew his feelings towards that girl. He loved her so purely, so passionately and so unconditionally, without even a pinprick of lust. The grief inside my heart, of loving him so dearly, made me fall weak. I loved him, but I couldn't call him mine. I was in the 'friends' category and I had begun to accept it as my destiny and lead an entire lifetime this way. I could stay alone, for him to be with his girl. I had to make myself strong and I had to look happy, for he could read my eyes. I had to hide my feelings and act like nothing bothered me.
                  Of course, we shared everything. But not this. It had to be left unsaid. Each day made me fall more and more for him. This is the thing about falling for your best friend, you fear of ruining your friendship. I knew I was heading towards darkness, but I was doing it willingly. I wanted to feel the pain of loving him.Each time I confronted him, I had to remind myself, 'He isn't yours. He loves someone else. Don't make things complicated.'
                  It was one of the usual evenings when we were engrossed in talking to each other, when I broke down before him. I told him I couldn't afford losing him, I would be left alone if he walked away. He was my only friend, and I didn't want him to go away from me, ever. A drop of tear escaped my eye, and when I looked at him, he was smiling.
                 "Hey! Don't cry." He said, still smiling. I couldn't understand his intentions behind this mysterious smile. This kind of smile, I had never seen before.
                 "I'm crying here, and you're smiling? Dumbo! How dare you?" I said, still crying.
                  "Idiot!That girl is you." He said
                  "Which girl?" I asked back, genuinely confused.
                  "My love." His smile grew a little more, making me smile too.
                   Actually, I couldn't believe what I had just heard. I was stunned. I wanted someone to pinch me hard and tell me that it wasn't surreal. It was true. He loves me back! Maybe he felt the same way like I did, maybe he thought that I wouldn't love him back.
                   "Why didn't you tell me before?" I asked, pretending to be angry.
                   "Because I was scared of losing you." He whispered. I blushed.
                   "Me too." I said and hugged him.
                   "I love you," he said.
                   "I love you more Duffer!" I said. I felt complete.

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