Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Unbreakable You :)

              Life is full of uncertainty and qualm, and we are never ever satisfied by whatever we get. We always want more, of everything. This mere desire of getting more makes us greedy. I've seen people saying, "I am ready to do anything for this." And they're really ready to do that anything. But life has it's own ways. It doesn't always grant us what we want. And in the process of being abstained from getting what we want, is a long and arduous feeling called 'Pain.'
               So this thing, the pain, as John Green says, it demands to be felt. And this breaks and shakes the inner self of us, creates a deep trench in our soul and makes our heart incapably void. But, is this pain worth? Does one deserve to suffer this much? Maybe yes, maybe no. But every one deserves to have the ability to overcome that pain, to let go of the thing that hurts and come out even stronger. There are people who rebel against themselves in order to put an end to their despair. Fighting their own demons, they overcome and vanquish their sadness and they smile. And that is the smile which is worth. A smile which didn't give up. You know, giving up is easy and so is mourning over the loss of our beloved ones. The difficult part lies in continuing, withstanding and having the power to understand and never give up. 
              And to salute this never give up spirit, Write India Publishers bring up the anthology, "The Unbreakable You" - a collection of stories of people who continued and did not stop believing that miracles do happen. :)

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