Monday, 15 December 2014


            Each time I decide to write something, I start running beyond words. But once I begin writing, there's no stop. I can write for hours, without food, water or sleep. It's my passion. People might call me crazy, but that's what I am. Yes, I am crazy about my passion. And you should be, too!
            There's no human without passion. The want, the desire or the desperation to achieve that goal of your life which would land you on cloud nine, the mere thought of which gives you chills and no matter what is going in your life, you have that victorious and composed smile pasted on your face. That feeling, when you want to prove the ones who discourage you wrong,  the ones you love feel proud, and those strong vibes you feel rushing through your veins, these are the things that define you, my friend. Don't you feel like showing the world what you have in yourself? One of my friend likes cooking, he invents so many new recipes, and I am proud of him for that. Like him, so many people have a die hard passion for something and may it be way too hard for that person to abide by his passion, at the end of the day he is successful!
             Get up folks, persevere your passion, walk that long path, snatch success in your hands and show it to the world what you really are. :) :)

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