Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Woman, an incredible part of God's creation!

A woman gave birth to a baby girl. Her entire family rejoiced and celebrated. Her mother, she had a different story told. Her father was euphoric and distributed sweets. Her grandparents, they were on cloud nine, for her birth had given them an altogether different happiness of becoming grandparents. Everything was pleasant.
As she grew elder, she had a younger brother, too. Everyone’s attention used to be confined to the younger child in the family. But she smiled anyway and let go of it. Little did this girl know, it was just the beginning!
As time passed by, she had to give up small pleasures in life for her younger brother. She never denied doing this and happily sacrificed numerous things for her younger brother, without being remarked.
In her teenage years, when she realized that her best friend loved the same guy she loved, she sat in a corner and cried for the entire night, just to be stronger the next day, and to let go of the guy.
When she appeared for a job interview, she faced many hurdles as male colleagues were offered more opportunities. But, she never gave up. She struggled.
At the time of her marriage, her fiancée and in-laws asked her to quit her job as well. She did so with a smile. Yeah, she sacrificed her job, too. After marriage, she was forced into all the rituals and everything, but she never refused to do anything. Anything.
Some years down the line, her husband didn’t show the same affection towards her, but she was okay with it. She had borne the killing pain during childbirth, but she wanted to give a life to see this beautiful world! (Wonder how she still thinks that the world is beautiful!)
As her children grew, they drifted away from her, abandoning her and her motherhood. Yet, she smiled and let them go, she knew it was their life. Her husband, after so many years of marriage, had taken her for granted and never did a word of appreciation or understanding escape his mouth. But she didn’t mind not getting noticed.
Time passed by and she became old. Her children, whom she loved the most in this world, were far away from her. She could just wait and wait to see them.
Some days later, she died, waiting for her children to come back, waiting for people to realize her worth. Nothing of that sort really happened. She was forgotten and her memories, they faded away.

Guys, this isn’t the story of one single woman. Most of them face this life. Tell me, is this worth? Are her sacrifices being unnoticed till eternity worth?
A girl, right since the beginning, makes so many sacrifices for everyone that we fail to realize, she has a heart too. When she makes tea for you, you simply gulp it down without taking into consideration the efforts she took for it. When she prepares food for everyone, you are always ready to point out some or the other nook, instead of appreciating her efforts. What does it take to say a simple ‘Thank you’, eh? All the boyfriends out there, you might not even be aware how much your girl is slogging, just to keep you happy. Mr. Fiancée, you might not even know what her job might be meaning to her. How could you ask her to give it up?
After marriage, a girl changes her surname, first name too at times. She transforms herself completely to get adjusted in your family. She amends her identity for you. Would guys be able to do this? Of course not! This takes gumptions, which god has sanctified to a woman.
I had read somewhere, a human being can bear upto 45 del (units) of pain. But while childbirth, a woman bears 57 del of pain, just to give a new life which abandons her later, to keep you and your family happy and satisfied. Yet, no one gives a damn about her struggle. Why? Doesn’t she have a heart? Doesn’t she possess any feelings? Doesn’t she like to get appreciation? Doesn’t she deserve to have someone who’d think of her happiness like she always does for everyone?
How many of you know your mother’s favourite colour? Her favourite dish? Her favourite place? Her favourite, just everything? If sometimes, your mother doesn’t take your likes and dislikes into consideration, you become angry and do whatnot. What about her likes and dislikes? Is no one concerned with that?
Think folks, give her the appreciation she deserves, and give her that tiny happiness which she’s been longing for years!

Hubbies, go tell your wife, Mr. Fiancée, go tell your Miss. Fiancée, Fathers, go tell your daughters and boys, go tell your girlfriend, “You’re wonderful and Thank You for everything you’ve done for me.” You never know what it could mean to her! J

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