Friday, 10 July 2015

An Infinity of Love. :)

To be in love doesn't necessarily mean to be in a relationship. And being in a relationship doesn’t mean to be necessarily in love. These are two different concepts. Many would agree with me, I guess. But what about, being in both?
Let’s talk about what love is. Literally everyone has their own different definition for love. For some people, love is when they just steal a glance of the person they love. For some, it’s more about their happiness, no matter with who it is. For some, it is compulsorily having them in your life, it’s actually an obsession. Some are just stalkers. Some fall in love with every new person they meet. And some fall in love with the same person, thoroughly again.
Well, imagine a situation. You love someone who doesn’t love you back. What’d be the scenario? Heartbreaks, pains, tears and loneliness. Right? Wrong. If you’re really in love, their happiness would be more important to you. Real love is like, selfless, gratuitous. Without expecting literally anything in return. And that is rare, not impossible. One of a million people does love selflessly, and you’re blessed if you are such or if you’ve ever come across any such person.
Okay, next situation. You are in love with a person who loves you back and you’re in a happy go lucky relationship with him/her. When you both got into a relationship, everything had been blooming. Your partner would do everything you want and mend them according to you. You are ecstatic. Then after some days, the pink colour of your relationship begins to fade. Frequent fights and quarrels and anger tend to overpower your love for each other. Then? End. Is this worth? I mean, if some people get into a relationship just to enjoy the lovey-dovey phase, I think such people should stay calm and not destroy someone’s life, for God’s sake.
Another situation. (This is personally my favourite.) You are in a relationship with a person you’re madly in love with and the person loves you back equally, for say, four years. And now, I guess four years are more than enough for someone to understand their partner and for the lovey-dovey phase to fade away. Then how come they’re still together, and happy at that? The secret is simple. LOVE. Being in a relationship for four years means understanding that the two people cannot always be together. Each one of them has their own respective life. It means staying away, and still, being HAPPY. Because you know, the mere acknowledgement of your love to your partner can do wonders. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean staying close either. Being in love doesn’t mean riding on a vehicle together and stealing kisses at any point of time. Love is a vast concept and people fail to cognize it.
And the last situation. Loving someone who loves you back and being together today but not in the future. Okay so I’d read somewhere, staying in love with someone you don’t have a future with, means standing in the rain and getting wet, though you know you’re going to be sick, but it feels great anyway.
Some things like love are simple and complicated at the same time, just that we must know, when to keep it simple and when to complicate it, like literally.
Inspired by #PoemsPorn and #Filmygyan. :D                           
Love is an infinity. (With regards to The Fault In Our Stars.) (Actually, half of my life is defined by The Fault In Our Stars.) And happy are those who are infinitely happy in love.
Happy reading, happy life, happy love! :)

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