Wednesday, 23 September 2015


I haven't mentioned any name, but reading the title, some or the other name might've popped in your mind. Yes, keep that name and proceed.
He is breathtakingly beautiful. Beautiful, in a way which cannot be described. His warmth is all you need. His smile is your drug. He is the one you ask for in your prayers. His happiness equals yours. When he is in front of you, you cannot stop smiling. Sometimes, you just keep looking at him and wonder, how could you be so lucky? Happens, isn't it?
When you are with him, everything else ceases to matter and you feel ecstatic and eternal. There's not even a shred of any worry. Nothing bothers you, except thinking about the time when you'd have to say a goodbye to him. He is your favorite. And you love spending time with him. Every place you've visited with him, everything you've talked with him, means divine and priceless to you. When he touches you, you feel complete. When he holds your hand, you know you have got the strength to face the world. When you are in his embrace, you wish time would stop. When you see him sleeping, you feel something changing inside you, like you have got what you were born for. When he looks at you with a smirk, you know what he is thinking. You know him, a bit too well. You haven't, and cannot imagine someone else at his place, can you? There's no looking back when he's here with you. You are lost, in the depth of his eyes, in the warmth of his smile and in the trench of his words. He speaks a lot on some days. You wish, you could listen to him everyday, all the time. Some days, he's awfully silent. The silence between you both is comfortable, too. You know what you feel. Some days, you feel like screaming and shouting to the world, what you feel for him. And some days, you feel utterly confined within yourself and you're surprised by the depth of your own feelings. When he is engrossed in something, you just feel nice, knowing the value of the person you have, just by stealing a glance at them. Sometimes, he makes you angry. But you know, anger is just another way of showing love, or that is what I believe. Time flies fast, when you are together. You sometimes wish you could stop the time, just to admire what you have. The hardest part of being together is bidding a goodbye to him. You know you would meet him soon, but the mere thought of him not being there just after a matter of a few moments makes you feel slightly miserable. He's in your life, your heart, your soul, your habits. You cannot imagine a day without him. I know, he's your everything, isn't he?
Maybe you'd have told him a million times that you love him, but he'd never get tired of hearing that over and over again. So, take a moment out, and appreciate him and his efforts, his presence and his value.
Tell him, he's too precious to lose.
Stay happy! :)

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