Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Loneliness - It's not a feeling, it's a lifestyle.


Eat alone. Sleep alone. Cuddle with yourself. Pamper yourself. Go on dates with none other than You. Hang out with yourself. Watch some movies on your own. Have your inner jokes. Laugh hard, alone, without anyone's need or approval. Buy yourself new clothes. Dance in the shower. Love your imperfections. When you don't feel sleepy at night, sing lullabies to yourself. Sometimes, cry alone, to death. But recover soon. Go on trips. See the beautiful nature. Live for yourself. On a weekend, dance on your bed with your hairs left open and your hips swinging off beat. Then, get tired and laugh at yourself. Scream till no voice comes out. Make a coffee for yourself. Write out your heart on a piece of paper and then burn it. On your birthday, gift yourself. Taste new dishes which you've never tried before. Buy that goddamned black hot stunning dress and put on your dark red lipstick. Call yourself hot. Dress up for yourself and click your pictures. Watch the sunset. Feel beautiful internally. Don't give a fuck about what others would think. Overcome your fears, especially for loneliness. Play games with yourself but never cheat. Try to fall in love with yourself. Don't give second thoughts about the things you love. Do what 'you' want. Talk to yourself. Read books and cry the entire night over the death of your favorite fictional character. Don't worry about the time, let it slip. Anyway it won't wait. Let it go. Feel free. Feel happy. When you become comfortable with yourself, loneliness doesn't always feel saddening.
Sometimes, it liberates your soul into your own little infinity. And then, it becomes your lifestyle. Love yourself as much as you want someone else to love you. And anyway, it is better to be alone than being with the wrong people.
Stay happy. :)

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