Friday, 20 November 2015

Well, heart. :)

Heart. According to science, the only function it has to perform is to pump blood and make us live. No book, no movie, not even a person has tried to thank his/her heart, or say sorry, because whatever it feels, it’s because of us. It’s we who are responsible for heart, aren’t we? But no one’s ever mentioned a word of appreciation about the small organ, which actually defines us and our existence.
When someone is kind and helping, we opine that the person is good ‘at heart.’
When someone is unpleasant, we say he has a dark ‘heart.’
When we’re sad, we conclude saying, ‘my heart feels heavy.’
People long to have a ‘heart to heart’ conversation with their loved ones.
When we’re happy about someone’s success, we wish them ‘hearty’ congratulations.
Some people are sad because they are 'heartbroken.'
What I meant was, this little thing has its involvement everywhere. Whatever we feel, it’s through our heart. Ever thought of the things it has taught us? Ever thought of thanking its presence? Well, I’m here to do the same today.
Our heart has infinite capacity to feel things, I believe. We love with all our heart, we hate with all our heart. We even remember things 'by heart.' Yet sometimes, it feels so much of pain that it becomes unbearable, but oh, don't underestimate the ability of your heart, there are people who are so broken from inside, but show strong. How? Because yes, feeling strong is again a feeling and that gets heart connected to it. Actually, our heart has a role to play almost everywhere.
My heart has taught me to live, to love, to hate. It has taught me to accept the things I cannot change. It assures me things will be fine. Don’t you people, when sad, put your hand across your chest near your heart, to express the intensity of the pain you feel? I’m sure you do. There are so many emotions crowded inside this little organ, love, hate, respect, gratitude, jealousy, sorrow, despair and longing, everything connects to the heart. Ever heard people saying, I’m happy with all my mind? No! They say, I’m happy with all my heart. This fist-sized-thing matters a lot, now you see.
And yes, I want to thank my heart, too, for making me feel all those things I couldn’t have known existed. Had my heart not made me capable of feeling so, I wouldn’t have known the depth of my own emotions. So, a BIG thank you to my heart, for first of all pumping blood, then for beating fast when I came across that person, for aching sometimes to make me believe that I’m still alive, for making me love and respect some people, and for making me realize that everyone is good at heart, no matter how they behave.

Anyway, the most beautiful thing on this earth cannot be seen or touched. It can be felt at heart.


  1. You know, your thoughts are really very nice! but practically it's all about brain that you mentioned above. don't you think......?

    1. I don't think so, because if I thought, the title of this blog would've been "Brain." Nobody feels with their brains, brain just connects us to practicality from which our heart conveniently distances itself.
      Thank you, anyway. Your comments mean a lot to me. :)

  2. Thanq so much Apurva! For sharing ur wonderful thought! A different way of thinking! Which I think no one had Wondered yet!! Really.. It was mind boggling :) or I can say heart boggling!! :D <3
    Way of thinking.. Appreciated! :) :*