Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Great Teacher.

            Teaching people is one of the toughest jobs, I believe. It actually means moulding the beliefs and mindsets people hold about things. And to be honest, it requires gumptions and guts to present our knowledge before a crowd of people, who are absolutely unaware of what is going to be spoken. A teacher is the one who lays the foundation, the base. It’s a huge responsibility, and there’s always a risk. But, higher the risk, higher the reward!

“A mediocre teacher tells. A good teacher explains. A superior teacher demonstrates. But a great teacher inspires.”
So, who is great teacher? A person flaunting the certificate of his degree everywhere and to everyone he meets? Or, a person who can preach a sense of learning in his students? I guess the latter one. A teacher is the one who befriends his students and showers all his knowledge on them.

Let us try to figure out, what qualities are essential for being a great teacher?

            Firstly, a great teacher is adaptable. He can change his tricks and ways of teaching according to the crowd in front of him, depending on the situations and purposes. A great teacher is willing to change and amend even his traditional ways of teaching to make his students learn.

Secondly, a great teacher understands. He knows, not all students are of equal calibre. He recognizes the skills and talents of his students and encourages them to pursue and improvise the same. A great teacher is a great motivation, and the biggest energy booster anyone can have.

Then, a great teacher is a role model of all. He has such a good image sculpted in everyone’s eyes, that his students become fond of him. He has such an ideal and impressive personality, that everyone wants to have the same depth of knowledge as his, and ultimately, he is regarded to be everyone’s role model.
To come next, a great teacher is worthy. His students adore him to the fullest and he leaves a noteworthy mark on everyone’s hearts and minds. His students look forward to the time when they would be learning new things from him. He carves even the minutest parts of his students’ personalities.

Again, a good teacher is impartial. He doesn’t cling to prejudices and treats everyone equally. He has a clean heart, which doesn’t differentiate between his students. He considers everyone as his ‘own’ and gives away all the love he has, equally to everyone. He acts strict at times, but always wants his students to excel in whatever they do.

A good teacher can read eyes. Just by looking at his students, he can know if something is wrong with them. He knows and understands if his students are happy, or the other way, if something is bothering them. He has this supernatural power. He can identify if everyone understands what he explains.

Lastly, a good teacher acts like a friend, family, companion, philosopher and guide. He sometimes shows his dominance, but there’s also a sober side to him, which comes out when his pals need him. May it be personal, professional or related to studies, a great teacher is always there to rescue his students from whatever situation they’re in.

Vishal Sir,
We all know and have experienced, the way you teach, talk, act and help. We’re all genuinely indebted to you for all the knowledge you’ve given us, and also for what is yet to come. You have been a great teacher, an inspiring person all this while. On this auspicious occasion of your birthday, on the behalf of all, I say a BIG thank you, for whatever you have done for us, and for as many times you’ve been there to help us. You have your ways of making us learn things, but when we still don’t understand, you go out of your way to make us understand. You are a motivation, a role model of almost everyone. You very well understand us and our abilities and flaws. You’re there to our rescue each time, pushing us to try harder the next time. We really look forward to learn things from you, you make everything interesting and reliable, giving us your owned ‘illogical logics.’
Thank you so much, Sir, from the bottom of our hearts. We all wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May you have many more birthdays to come, and may you keep spreading your knowledge to everyone.

Thank you. :)

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