Sunday, 13 December 2015

Why every girl deserves a guy like Augustus Waters.

Augustus Waters is a name every girl has heard of. And in no way, there's a doubt about some or the other day, each girl has thought of having Augustus Waters all to herself. So what makes this fictional character so appealing and amazing? Here are a few reasons every girl should have her Augustus Waters in her life.

1. He's there for you when you don't believe in yourself: Yes, he's seen it all. Not just all the good times, but he has seen you fall apart and get back together. And through everything, he's been there to support you and make you believe that you are worth!

2. He is willing to adaptible for you: He knows how mad you can get, how moody you are, and how small things give you the biggest happiness. He is willing to change his behavior for you, and never complain!

3. He's your best friend: Remember Hazel Grace saying, "The only person I wanted to talk about Augustus Waters' death was Augustus Waters." You can talk to him about anything in the world and know he'd stick through!

4. He's gorgeous: Of course, good looks are just a bonus if the person with you is good at heart. A glance at him, and you experience the happiness like never before. He's magical.

5. He understands you: From your wildest dreams to weirdest wishes, he knows it all. And still thinks of you as sane and encourages you to pursue your dreams. Even at your lowest, you can cry your heart out with him and you know, he just understands.

6. He looks at you 'that' way: You just know by the way he looks at you, his eyes speak everything he wants to. The love and affection, you can read in his eyes and sense in his smile.

7. He never hurts you: Yes, at least not intentionally. He tries his level best and even more than that, to keep you happy and fulfill your wishes. He's an angel sent to earth for you.

8. You're sure about him: Sure in the sense, you know he's yours and he won't cheat you or leave you, no matter what. Despite of the hurdles in your relationship, he's willing to stay and sort, instead of leaving.

9. Only death can tear you apart: Although only physically, but death is a constraint and the only one. You know you both are together as long as you live. :)

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