Monday, 18 April 2016

Hey You!

Hey you!
You, anonymous person in each of our lives, I’m writing this to you.
I know, I’ll be difficult at times. And I’ll make it even more difficult for you to stand by me and be with me. I know, I’ll always test your patience. I’ll be annoying, too. I know I am, already. At times, I’ll feel like running away from you, breaking all chords from you and keep running. But, you are the person I’ll come running to each time, even if I was running from you at the first place.
I will fake it sometimes. The smile, the laugh, the happiness, it’ll all be forced. But care to look past every layer of nastiness in me, and you’ll find a child who just wants to be loved. A child who’s hiding from this world and who is afraid to be knocked down by the people I care immensely about.
I will want to be isolated from the world. I’m human. I will want to lock myself in my room and read a book or two, and drink gallons of coffee. But that doesn’t make me monotonous and neither does it mean that I don’t enjoy with you. This is who I am and this is where I find solace.
At times, I’ll get mad at you for absolutely no reason, and get irritated if you try to even talk to me. I will want to be alone. But that wouldn’t make me love you even a bit lesser than I do today.
There are these little things I need you to understand, and not walk away from me when I’m tough. Because, life is a roller coaster, and there are ups and downs. I need you to enjoy the highs and lows with me, always. And never forget, you’re precious to me, whoever you are- parents, friends, lover, colleagues. I love you immensely.

“Who am I, you ask?
I am made from
All the people I’ve encountered
And all the things I’ve experienced.
Inside, I hold
The laughter of my friends,
The arguments with my parents,
The chattering of young children,
And the warmth from kind strangers.
Inside, there are
Stitching from cracked hearts,
Bitter words from heated arguments,
Music that gets me through,
And emotions I can’t convey.
I am made from
All these people and moments.
This is who I am.”

-Ming D. Liu.

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