Saturday, 1 October 2016


I sit alone in the dark room, illuminated by my thoughts. I can see the thoughts running on in my mind like a movie scene in front of me. As I try to blink, I realize that my eyes are already closed. Maybe I'm dreaming.  As I open them into reality, I freeze. I see him right in front of my eyes, holding a sharp, edged knife, coming towards me. I feel sweat drops dripping past my right eyebrow, but as it falls on the white marble floor, I realize it's blood. The red stains on my clothes are now clearly visible to me. He'd hit my head with something, and I'd fainted. And now he's coming again, to chop me off. But why? I don't remember. I'm horrified. I can't remember who he is, what my mistake is. Oh hell, I can't even remember who I am. All I know is a man whom I've majorly, majorly wronged is now coming to kill me. My mind instantly decides that I'd committed a huge mistake, and it is his revenge thing. I'm terrified at death, he's taking steps towards me, whilst I'm thinking of what I might've done to deserve this. Right now, more than knowing who I am, I need to know what I'd done. I still can't remember. He comes closer, puts his left hand on my shoulder, and paces the knife hard into my stomach. There's a sharp, churning pain that rushes through me, as I open my mouth. He takes the knife out to repeat the process again. I can't think of anything right now. I'm just engulfed by fear and pain. It's too much to bear for a single time. Maybe he could leave me like this right now and kill me later. But he slides back through my stomach again. And again. It's burning now, the pain is edged, and there's nothing I can do now to escape this. I can't run, I'm too damaged to even move. It's not only my stomach and head that's bleeding right now, but it's also my heart, for I don't know why he's doing this to me. Tears have abandoned me, I'm past the crying stage now. He hits me again, but this time, there's no pain, all of a sudden. Some scenes try to find their way in front of my eyes, but fail. There's nothing but blankness. Just a dark void stretches itself infinitely before me. No pain, no agony, no grudges. I feel free. Eternal.
Maybe I am dead.