Thursday, 28 December 2017

Dear long distance best friend,

Dear long distance best friend,

You know who you are. This is to you, to us, and to the amazing friendship we share that has nothing but strengthened over the years. Cheers.

I was the person who didn't believe in friendships. Solitude was all I seeked because people seemed annoying. I was reluctant making friends here, and so the thought of befriending someone so far away from me was distant. Then you happened.

I had thought internet friendships would be easy, it wouldn't involve meeting up and hanging out and being at each others' constant beck and call. It would not involve all the regular stuff, and that's why it'd be less complicated and more interesting. Being the introvert I am, it seemed the ideal friendship to me.

Years passed by and things didn't seem to deteriorate. They enhanced my life instead. Your friendship has brought out the patient side in me, because sometimes all I want to do is run to you and hug you tight and never let you go because you are my person. Yes, you're my person. You're the one who knows me inside out, all that I show and don't show to the world, all that I am and am not, all that I want and don't want to be, you know everything and you don't judge me.

You give me life lessons and advices I can't help but follow. Neither of us are perfect people, but you've complemented me in such a way that you overshadow my imperfections and make me feel complete again. I don't know what I have possibly done to deserve your friendship. You're the best.

You're a part of me; I'm not whole without you. You're the person I'd turn to if I face a life crisis. You're the one who I'll trust enough to show my hidden self, the one nobody knows exists. I sometimes wonder, how the hell did we even get so close?

I just wanted to tell you that you matter. You're amazing and I'm never letting you go for anybody in this world. Like Phoebe had once said, "boyfriends and girlfriends are going to come and go, but this is for life."

You're my best friend, and I know it's a really cheesily weird thing to say, but you are. And I love you. You're my favorite human, now and always. And you're not allowed to love anyone else more than me, alright?

There is only one reason to be in each others' lives when we stay so far away, and that is we want to be in each others' lives. I'm not shying out from taking any efforts because I want us to be friends forever. All the things we've shared till today, all the happy and sad moments, all the jokes and of course, memes, it just means too much to me.

You're my 2 am friend, when I'm breaking down so bad that only someone as close as you to me can fix me. You're also my 2 pm friend when I'm hanging out with people here, or I'm busy with my work. You're mine, okay?

I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to meet up with people but meeting you is something that I'm looking forward to. You better feel special, and come to meet me soon.

No matter what happens, no matter where we are, no matter what the circumstances, I'm always going to be there for and with you. Even though I cannot give you a shoulder then and there, or I cannot hug you to make you feel better when you're low, you know that I'm just a call away. I'll drop everything and I'll be there for you, I promise. You've been with me in my hard times and good times, and I promise to be with you too.

I am out of words, but everything comes down to the simple fact that I love you. You're the best person I could ever ask for, and I'm never letting you go.

Your best friend in all times,

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  1. As always your writing juz knocks on the right points of the readers soul . Keep it up