Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Bit by bit

They say falling in love sweeps you off your feet, and it's all sparks and fireworks, and you're just so very taken over by them, and it's all fierceness and passion. It's all butterflies in the belly and go weak in your knee kind of feeling.

That, no doubt, is an amazing feeling, but nobody talks about the love you gradually fall into. You start seeing the humour in their bad jokes, the intellect in their show off, the wit in their puns.

Slowly, you start noticing things you didn't pay attention to before, like the color of their eyes, the way their lips curve, the way they eat, talk, smell, be. You realize how blind you were to miss out on something as extraordinary as this.

It's the best kind of love, I think. You discover each other, there's friendship. There's a connection that grows deeper with time as you explore them, get to know them -- bit by bit. This love, you don't fall in; you walk into it, in all your senses and sobriety, and then your world turns upside down because you realize you have gotten something you never expected. Something so powerful, it defies words.

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