Thursday, 29 March 2018


Up above, all I see is darkness. It's so painfully beautiful -- the moon shines bright, waning crescent, almost full. There are millions of stars shining submissively as the moon takes up the show, but there's one star in particular that somehow doesn't lose itself in the populace. At considerable distances, they flicker constantly, nearly perfecting an illusion. You just cannot concentrate on all the gleaming at once. These stars, they shine in shades of white. They shimmer sheepishly, very unsteady, but it looks peaceful. It's such solitude in just laying back and looking up to the sky, with beauty dripping from the dark. The sky looks like a black canvas with glittery white paint splatters all over it, making it an ultimate masterpiece. Night sky, I tell you, is pure art.
It's like the sky is trying to embrace you in its arms, you feel the solace you'd feel in a lover's arms, absolute. It's as though it's trying to tell you the secret of everything, and even though you don't understand it, you know that you know it now.
The night is almost over; the moon has almost set now, breaking the dawn. The darkness seems to have lessened too, it's getting brighter now. People have started coming out, some walking, some on bikes. In the near buildings, I can see lights being turned on. The day is officially beginning. But there's some weird scare in letting go of the moon, the night, the darkness. It's almost slipping away, and I can't hold it. That's what scares, I can't hold on to it, but the dawn is every bit as beautiful as the intense dark night, and the day is on. The sky feels lonely without the moon, almost as if the stars would miss it.
The sun is going to rise soon, the anticipations have started. It seems as if the black canvas has its edges smudged by a dash of orange now, and it's spreading. In the distant background, I hear the barking of the dogs, the chirping of the birds, and also vague but noticeable noises of the very few vehicles that are out on the road.
The sky is now turning an undetermined shade of blue as well, beauty peaking top. It's as if the sky's now divided in two parts -- one side, it's still dark, the stars are still shining, fighting the light that's coming from the other side of it, where the day is about to break, making the stars at that side of sky disappear.
It's all in various shades of only blue now, ranging deeper in intensity as my sight moves from east to west. And before I know it, it's day. The sun has started to rise, a chill's filled in the atmosphere, and the darkness has completely vanished, as if it was never there. Instead of the bright, vibrant moon, now I see a fulfilling, lively sun, and the only thing I learn from this is letting go ain't so bad, because every end is another beginning, and every beginning can be as beautiful as the dawn breaking into the day.