Wednesday, 17 June 2015


I tried everything that was possible to make him remember me. But, in vain. He looked at me blankly. He had forgotten me and all our memories. I stood there, stunned.
“Kirti, I don’t remember anything. I tried. But, I.. I’m sorry.” He said.
He looked calm, still. I just smiled.
“Next time, maybe.” I whispered and had a tear in my eye.

Two months ago.

I and Ayush had been together for two years now. In our relationship, I had been the sober one and he had been as sporty as ever. He loved riding bikes. And I had always been afraid of his craze.
That day, Ayush was very happy. He had just completed his engineering without a single subject back. He came to me and expressed his joy. I felt good, too. Then, at night, he went with his friends, for a party.
It was late, around 11.30 pm, and I was worried, as Ayush hadn’t returned. Waiting for his text, I fell asleep. The next day, I woke up due to Ayush’s mom’s call. She was sobbing.
“Auntie, what’s wrong?” I asked.
“Can you come to Lifecare Hospital?” she asked.
“I’m coming.” I hung up the call and rushed to the hospital.
While going, I was numb. It was like I was incapable of feeling anything. Just void.
As I reached there, Ayush’s mom hugged me. She asked me to meet the doctor. Ayush had met with an accident and she didn’t have the guts to hear what the doctors had to say. My entire world of dreams I had built with Ayush came crashing down.
I entered the doctor’s cabin with great courage. I had to be strong.
“I’m Kirti, Ayush’s friend. How is he?”
“Come Kirti. Sit.” He said, “I’m afraid. It’s serious. He was riding on a bike way too fast, and hit the divider. He has multiple bone fractures and his head is injured very badly. He’s suffering with Partial Amnesia. Or, you can say, short term memory loss. His memory is wiped clean and he doesn’t remember the last three years of his life. And unfortunately, there’s no cure for this. If he remembers anything, it’ll just be a miracle. I’m sorry.”
I stood up, and asked him where Ayush was.
“He’s in the I.C.U.” He told me.
I went to the I.C.U. and looked at him. He was unconscious, his right hand and leg were plastered, and his head was covered with one, too. I sat near him, till he regained his consciousness. When he woke up, the first thing he asked me was, “Who are you?”
I shed a tear, of loss, but then, I smiled and introduced myself, “I’m Kirti.”
“Kirti, who?” He further asked.
Till then, the doctor entered. He came to Ayush and said, “Hello Ayush. I’m Dr. Khurana, and we are living in 2015. You met with an accident yester night, and you have lost three years of your memory due the head injury.”
He said it so simply. “Oh.” Ayush said. He looked terrified.
Doctors discharged him in a week and told that he was okay. I didn’t have the courage to talk to Ayush, I was afraid to break down before him. When the plaster of his hand and leg was to be removed, I met him.
“Kirti!” He said.
I was overjoyed. I thought he remembered everything. “Why didn’t you meet me after that day? Mom told me you were my friend, and you would help me in recollecting my lost memories.” He said.
“Oh,” I said, “So, you didn’t remember anything yet?”
He refused. His mom told me to take him out with me, as the doctors had advised, to visit the places we used to, to do the things we used to. I agreed.
We went to his favourite, Bliss Cafe.
“We used to sit here, and always, you used to order your favourite Cold Coffee.” I said. He smiled.
“What was our relation?” He asked.
“Actually, um, I was your girlfriend. FiancĂ©e, to be more specific.”
“Oh.” He said and got up. “Let’s go somewhere else.”
Then, we went to the most favourite place of ours, Lake Florida and walked along the water.
“What’s the significance of this place?” He asked.
“You had proposed me here.” I said.
He blushed. I smiled.
The next few days, we kept going to places which would make him remember the past. Nothing could calm the anxiety between us, for he didn’t remember anything. He said he had flashes during the day and dreams during the night, but he didn’t remember exactly everything.

We went to Memorial Park, where mostly we used to spend our time.
“You loved to see children playing, their innocence. Sometimes, you too played with them.”
He laughed.
For some time, he was mum. He stood up and said, Kirti, I don’t remember anything. I tried. But, I.. I’m sorry.”
“Next time, maybe.” I whispered and had a tear in my eye.
He held my face in his hand and said, “I don’t care if I remember my past or no. I’m glad I had someone like you in my life. And actually, I’m happy that I don’t remember anything, so the past cannot haunt me with bad memories.”
I laughed.
“Kirti, can we start afresh? Even though I’ve lost my memory of yours, I can say that I love you today. Marry me, please.” He said, sitting on his knees.
Everyone looked at us and smiled.
“Yes, I will.” I said.

And though he didn’t remember his past, I can say now, I have more memories than him. And I’m happy.

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