Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Seven-Lettered Theory.

A seven-lettered-word. Silence.
Its sometimes painfully curbed. Incoherent. Timid. And sometimes it shouts loudly into our ears, until they hurt. Its calm and soothing sometimes, else, it feels rigid and stern. A seven-lettered-word. Silence.
Ecstasy. Again, seven-lettered. Extreme happiness. Breathtakingly beautiful and chaotic feeling. It can make as well as break a human. And you know what, at a certain point, ecstasy hurts.
Another seven-lettered word. Anguish. That is pain. And pain demands to be felt. Anguish makes us grieve and suffer. And we have to give in, cluelessly. Unfortunately.
To come next, Rivalry. The root of hatred. Result of enviousness. Reward of jealousy. Wanting to compete, and making things more complicated and difficult than they actually are.
Yet another seven-lettered word. Revenge. The outcome of hatred. It makes us do all the acts forbidden by our set morals and makes it impossible to abide by our principles.
And countering the above word, next seven-lettered-word. Forgive. Meaning, granting pardon. Waiving enmity. Acknowledging peace. Exempting from a guilt.
And the seventh seven-lettered-word. Honesty. That can shake mountains. Its being loyal and faithful. Adhering to the made commitment. And being trustworthy.

Life would have been so easy if these seven things, the world would have understood and known which to imply in their lives, isn't it?

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