Saturday, 6 June 2015

The First Rain.

Quantitative Aptitude, I mean Mathematics lecture was going on. Maths had always been boring to me. (Pardon me, Sir, if you're reading this.) I should've concentrated, of course, when exams are just a week away. Yet, the “Probability and Theoretical Distribution” seemed as dull as ever. I was adjusting my specs and hairs and really trying to concentrate. Vain!
A look out of the window, maybe that’s what I really needed. It was slightly raining. Drop by drop. Slowly. And that got me very eager to finish the lecture at once and get out to enjoy the rains!
I had always been fond of rains, right since my childhood. The sight of the clouds getting dark and the time it was about to rain was my favourite.  And now, I was waiting impatiently to get wet at once!
The lecture finally ended.
“Are you coming along?” I asked Sneha.
“Yes, I am.” She replied enthusiastically.
“Yes of course, who can miss getting wet in the first rain?” I winked.
“Except for those beauty queens, who’re more bothered about their makeup?” She laughed. Actually, roared, pointing to the typical girls of our class, whose nail paint’s colour matched to their lipstick’s colour and contradicted with the colour they wore.
Me and Sneha, we ran out of the class.
The rain had become severe, as soon as I stepped out, I was entirely wet. The feeling of the drops of rain on my face made me ecstatic.
Rain is love!
I collected some water in my palms and splashed it on Sneha, who did the same to me. Soon, we both were the only lunatics playing in the rain, while everyone else was trying to protect themselves from the water.
We were walking by the edge of the road, when we saw an ice-cream parlour. We both looked at each other and smiled wildly. We bought ice-creams and ate it walking along in the pouring rain. It was fun. 
Soon, it was time to get back home and get scolded for not carrying an umbrella. But I didn't mind, this rain was worth!

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